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Bring a smile to

your dog’s face .

Give your dog the gift of a mid-day potty break, afternoon walk, and tons of personalized care, love & attention!

New Pricing Effective June 15, 2022

Unfortunately, the time has come for us to raise prices for our services. In the last 5 years, we have been able to keep our prices the same but with inflation and crazy/rising gas prices, and my walkers/sitters driving from client to client, we have to increase the visit rates. I want to be able to keep the good employees we currently have now and hopefully be able to find more great sitters and walkers to join our team, and I have to be able to pay them fairly for their work and time. This is something we have researched extensively - we will now be priced right with the other reputable, bonded & insured pet care companies in this area. 

Effective June 15th, 2022, our rates will increase by five dollars. Our overnight rates will not change. We love all of our clients dearly and appreciate your loyalty and understanding! 

Dog Walking 

& Drop-in Visits

Dog walking provides your dog with the opportunity to get exercise, relieve stress, and enjoy some fresh air! At Paws Up, we will tailor a dog walking routine customized to your dog's needs, all while giving them one-on-one love and attention! Our walks last 20 minutes, a perfect mid day break for your dog. A walked (and tired) pup is a happy pup!

$20 per visit

$5 per additional dog

*This rate applies to visits Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm. Anything outside of these hours, including all day Saturday & Sunday, is $5 extra. 

*Holiday Rates Apply

Overnight Sitting

(in your home)

One of our sitters will stay in your home overnight while you are away if your dog prefers to be in their own space rather than a boarding environment! Our overnight service is a 12-ish hour period, usually from 7-8pm to 7-8am and includes the evening walk/care as well as the morning walk/care. Any additional daytime visits/walks needed will be charged as normal dog walking visits in addition to the overnight fee.


$10 per additional dog

*Holiday Rates Apply

Pet Concierge

Paws Up Pet Concierge is like Uber for your pet! We will pick them up and drive them to wherever they need to be. Vet appointment? Grooming appointment? Doggy daycare? We've got your pet's transportation covered. We also offer a service that includes wait time during an appointment, and additional pet passengers.

$20 flat rate 

+ $2.00 per mile

*Holiday Rates Apply

  Petsitting Visits

For those pets who do better in their own home when you're away, we offer multiple visits throughout the day and evening in your home. These visits include taking care of your pet, as well as house sitting services such as collecting mail, altering lights and taking out the trash! Most clients request 3-5 visits per day, including early morning, mid day, dinner and bed time visits. 

$20 per visit

$5 per additional dog

*This rate applies to visits Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm. Anything outside of these hours, including all day  Saturday & Sunday, is $5 extra.

*Holiday Rates Apply

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